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Imminent Lack of Council Funding Imperils Elderly Care
Date created: 28/11/2016

Care for the elderly across Britain is in dire straits as a result of council funds being on the verge of being completely depleted. The Prime Minister is under intense pressure to divert funding into the care sector in order to prevent a crisis. Recent figures have shown the system to be on the verge of collapse... read more

How to Deal With the Burden of Shift Work
Date created: 23/11/2016

If you are a shift worker who often struggles with the excess hours and difficult shift patterns then realise you are not alone. According to studies, shifts workers have been found to receive 2-3 fewer hours per week then those working regular shift patterns. They have also been found to be more at risk from work-related injuries... read more

One in Seven Care Workers on Zero Hour Contracts
Date created: 21/11/2016

Within a year, carers have gone from 1 in 10 workers on zero hour contracts to 1 in 7, signalling a trend towards this type of work... read more

Welsh Home Visits Cut Short
Date created: 01/11/2016

As a result of staff shortages, a quarter of home care visits have been cut short in Wales. .. read more

European Court Rules we Should be Paid for Travel to Work
Date created: 18/10/2016

In a move that will be welcome to those who spend considerable time commuting, the European Court has ruled that employers must pay their employees for time spent travelling to the workplace... read more

Care Providers Worried About Minimum Wage Rise
Date created: 04/04/2016

Some care providers have voiced their concerns that they might be driven out of business as their already slim profit margins will take a further hit... read more

Workers Snub ‘Menial’ Home Care
Date created: 25/02/2016

There are fears in the home care sector that recruitment will be unable to meet demand for Britain’s growing elderly population.. read more

Two Thirds of Care Workers Dissatisfied at Work
Date created: 07/01/2016

Care workers have responded to a survey in which 60% that they will seek new employment as a result of feeling stuck in a dead end, and also because of hostile management... read more

Winter Deaths of Elderly Double in One Year
Date created: 04/01/2016

In the West Midlands and Staffordshire alone, more than 4400 people died during winter compared to Autumn. This is more than double the previous year’s amount... read more

Police Launch Initiative to Help those with Dementia
Date created: 04/01/2016

Police in Britain have launched a campaign to try to keep people with dementia safe when they go missing... read more