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Support Worker - Manchester

Manchester, United Kingdom,

Posted: 11 days ago


When you’re with Enterprise Homecare, you're not on your own. You will be supported by qualified field Supervisors, who will provide mentorship, assistance and training.

On joining, we will offer you Skills for Care Induction Training leading to NVQ2 Qualification within the first year of employment. We promise to reward you with competitive rates of pay for a commitment to regularised full or part-time hours worked weekly from you.

To provide holistic care for disabled, housebound and elderly people wishing to remain in their own homes; to provide the level of support required in achieving maximum independence, promoting health and social care, and enhancing their quality of life.


  1. To work in accordance with the aims and philosophy of the Organisation in its provision of care services.
  2. To always work in an acceptable manner appropriate to given environment.
  3. To fully understand and be able to work with the individual specific requirements of service users, in relation to language, ethnicity, diet and all other cultural needs.
  4. To carry out personal care tasks for service users in accordance with their plan of care.
  5. Personal care tasks may include but are not limited to – bathing, washing, and hair care. Assisting in and out of bed, dressing and undressing, feeding, assisting with toilet needs, teeth and denture care. Nail trimming, and assisting with medication following guidelines from medical professionals, and policies of the Organisation.
  6. To work under guidance of Supervisors and Managers and other associated professionals in fulfilling the tasks identified in the care plan.
  7. To provide intensive domestic and personal support in times of crisis.
  8. To carry out practical tasks for service users according to the agreed care plan. Practical tasks may include but are not limited too: Laundry (in service user’s home or laundrette), shopping, collection of pensions/benefits, payment of domestic bills, meal preparation, washing dishes, cleaning and other associated domestic tasks.
  9. To have a sound understanding of the nature of disability - whether physical, mental or learning and the implications of such on the individual. To be vigilant as to the care needs of service users and report those needs to the supervisor/manager.
  10. To maintain high standards of care in order that all service users may achieve their optimum level of independence.
  11. To participate at review meetings with professionals as required.
  12. To maintain legible concise records within the service user’s home.
  13. To have a duty of care in respect of suspicions of abuse or neglect, by reporting immediately to the Supervisor/Manager
  14. To ensure that all statuary training is kept updated especially in relation to Manual Handling, Fire, Health and Safety and Food Hygiene.
  15. To develop personal and professional goals, by seeking help and advice when required.
  16. To always promote the ideologies of the Organisation by example, & by encouraging others to behave similarly.
  17. To abide by the rules of the Organisation in relation to timesheet submissions and any payroll issues.
  18. To only accept those assignments that match skill base.
  19. To maintain good levels of communication with the Organisation.
  20. To maintain levels of Confidentiality expected by the Organisation, Client and service users respectively at all times.
  21. To ensure that correct procedures are followed in the event of an incident or accident involving service users or fellow colleagues.
  22. To be aware of and work within the guidelines of H&S at all times.
  23. To accept the Terms and Conditions as set by the Organisation and to abide by them.
  24. To wear correct issued uniform at all times, displaying Company ID badge.
  25. To report loss or theft of it.
  26. To honour assignments accepted and if unable to fulfil allowing adequate notice for recovery of assignment.
  27. To have good interpersonal skills.
  28. To make available time for carrying out of work.
  29. To be available to attend performance reviews as required by the Organisation
  30. To attend any disciplinary hearing as required.
  31. To attend, when requested by the Organisation, any relevant training courses.

This list is not exhaustive or infinite but gives a general idea of the duties expected within the role. The definitions laid down can be altered at such times as is deemed to be appropriate. 

Job Details

Manchester, United Kingdom

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