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Care Worker

Surrey, United Kingdom,

Posted: 14 days ago


Two Counties Care Limited provides individual, high quality care to people in their own homes, specifically to older people and people with physical, sensory or cognitive disabilities. Our care services are delivered in line with UK Health and Social Care Act and as inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). 

Job Description:

Our Care Workers are expected to follow the Care Plans put into place for each Client. The plan will meet the specific needs of the Client and also ensure the above Standards are adhered to.

Care Workers should encourage self-help wherever possible in order to keep the Client active, whilst respecting their right to maintain choice, dignity, privacy and independence at all times.

Duties performed may vary for each Client but will consist of a combination of those described below. 

Personal Care :

  • Assist with getting up in the morning or going to bed at night.
  • Assist with dressing, undressing and selection of clothes
  • Administer or prompt to take medication as per the Care Plan
  • Assist with washing, bathing or showering and personal hygiene
  • Assistance to use the toilet and to promote continence
  • Assist with everyday tasks and general mobility
  • Use of Hoists (only when assisted with another colleague)
  • Assistance with emptying/changing catheter/night bags 

Meals & Drinks:

  • Basic cooking skills are required for the preparation of hot / cold meals and drinks of the Clients choice
  • Assisting Clients to eat and drink whilst encouraging healthy lifestyle
  • Washing up of dishes and utensils 

Domestic Care:

  • Make beds, change bedding, doing laundry, hoovering, wet- mopping and any other light domestic tasks required
  • Shopping, collecting pensions, posting letters and any other general tasks


  • Interact with Clients and their family members in a friendly manner
  • Socialise with Client, including light activities such as reading

General Responsibilities:

  1. Care Workers are accountable to the Registered Manager to whom they must report any issues or concerns. Duties include: 
  2. Recording and maintaining Client information in a Daily Entry Sheet, ensuring the Care Plan is kept up to date
  3. Observing and recording of any significant changes in the physical and mental health, welfare or behavior of the Client
  4. Complying with all Company Policies and Procedures
  5. Adhering to (after training) Client Moving & Handling plans
  6. Undertaking national vocational skills training, Company induction training and any other courses required to develop in your role
  7. Participating in regular Supervisions/Appraisals, Staff Meetings and Client reviews/meetings
  8. The wearing and use of personal protective equipment provided (gloves, aprons, hand gel etc) as required
  9. Accurate recording of activities and submitting weekly timesheets
  10. Being aware of appropriate action to be taken in an emergency
  11. Interacting in a respectful manner with Clients and contributing to their well being
  12. Maintaining regular contact with Head Office via Mobile Phone
  13. Ensuring at all times the confidentiality of Client related information
  14. Contacting Head office for guidance if you are asked to do something by the Client/Family which is not stated in the Care Plan. 

Job Details

Surrey, United Kingdom

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